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Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucometer Kit (Box of 10 Test strips Free)

Product Highlights
  • Makes the blood glucose monitoring process easy
  • If you apply an insufficient amount of blood, then the device gives you approximately 10 seconds window to re-dose it
  • Provides with a pre and post-meal flagging to differentiate the measured glucose level before and after the meal
  • Gives a visual and audio postprandial reminder which reminds you to test two hours after eating
  • Measuring interval:10-600 mg/dL
  • Memory: 500 test results
  • One can view an average of their test results from the last 7 / 14 / 30 or even 90 days

Accu-Chek Active Test Strip

Product Highlights
  • Helps to determine blood sugar level

  • Gives accurate and reliable results

  • Useful for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

  • Provides results in approximately 5 seconds

Alma Combo Pack of Sugarfree 650 Tablets and Stevia 175 Tablets

Product Highlights
  • Helps to maintain the sugar levels without increasing calories
  • Keeps the blood sugar in check and also contains several nutrients that boost overall health
  • Useful for diabetic, health conscious people and blood sugar patients

AVG Jamun, Neem and Karela Plus Powder

Product Highlights
  • Helps maintain suar levels
  • Useful in purifying blood
  • It is used to reduce bad cholesterol

Axiom Karela Jamun Juice

Product Highlights
  • Aids the treatment of diabetes
  • Helps to improve digestive functioning
  • Helps to fortify the body’s defence mechanism

Bagrry’s Fruit ‘n’ Fibre Mixed Fruit with Almonds and Raisins Muesli

Product Highlights
  • A perfect balance of whole grains and mixed fruits
  • Made with whole grains and high in fibre

Bagrry’s White Oats

Product Highlights
  • It is a rich source of protein and fibre
  • It is 100% vegan food
  • Helps in managing the weight of the body

Bio-Av Curcumin 500mg Tablet

Product Highlights
  • Helps to boost the brain-derived neurotrophic factor
  • Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound
  • Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body
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